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The popular alt clothing boutique and sex toy store has been in business for over 25 years so you know it's got the goods. Salisbury, MA And no, we're not talking about the dancing. With theme parties every few weeks and a discreet location in Salisbury, MA, Sinz is the closest full-time swingers club to Boston.


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Anyone know of any sex clubs in Boston that meet up in places other than hotels? I've noticed a lot of "clubs" in Providence that cater to the lifestyle but none in Boston. Am I wrong? Hi PeterandKerry, We are fairly new to the lifestyle and live and work downtown in Boston. We too were surprised by the lack of options in Massachusetts in general never mind in the greater Boston area. The reason for this dearth of options lies in strict zoning laws in MA that make it next to impossible to establish a brick and mortar venue with on premises play or even on premises nudity for that matter.

Boston sex clubs

At any rate, Providence seems to be the best option for Bostonians looking for a club experience we have heard good things about both Choice Social Club and Electricity Social Club and bad things about Platforms but have yet to check any of the above out. If you are looking to stay local we also have friends who have participated in and rave about bostonsexclub.

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If you want to we have the same name on Quiver or SLS as on here. Hotel parties or meet and greets are all you're going to find.

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We've been in the lifestyle over 10 years and that's all there's ever been. The meet and greets always end up having an after party somewhere, sometimes our house, or a hotel. We have not found anything in the Boston area. If you go north then Club Sinz is a nice club with a strip club you can also get into downstairs. Choice in Providence is great, they have an events calendar on their site and you have to register with them first.

We have yet to go to Electricity Social Club, would love to hear about it if anyone has been.

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Platforms can be good if their is a party going on in conjunction with another group. The best club in Providence by far is Choice as it is a legitimate club that has been open for years, requires membership and has parties weekly year round. It is a high class, safe, clean and low pressure environment. It is a real brick and mortar club with fire exits, restroom and changing areas, dance floor, dungeon, snacks, bar and theme rooms for play.

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The building is not used for anything else throughout the week either. Many other "clubs" or parties you have to get a hotel room because play is not on premise or it is just sleazy, unclean or is very sketchy.

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They have a VIP membership a special area with a shower and private rooms not open to other guests unless invited in, and VIP members enjoy other benefits and it seems it is the much older members who have it. It is a such a small area that there is a wait list to get in.

VIP members have had it for years and won't let go. So newer or younger members can never seem to enjoy those benefits.

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They should really break down a wall to expand it. Choice could use some competition.

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There's fuck all in the Boston area. Providence is your best bet.

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There is a house party in Hyde Park every month if you're interested, feel free to PM I'll give you the hosts' info. Found the internet! Boston sex clubs?

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Sort by: best. Reply Share. Ahh that makes sense, thank you for the great feedback.

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Dedicated to everything a swinger would want or need to know. Links to lifestyle articles, websites, how-to videos and much more.

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Every community has sub-cultures and within our city, we have Boston swingers clubs—otherwise referred to as sex clubs and fetish-oriented clubs.


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