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I'm Clifford Stumme, and I use literary analysis and research to explain the deeper meanings of pop songs.

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Feel free to leave a comment or to me at clifford popsongprofessor. In a video on Rolling Stone's website about her upcoming album Joanne, Lady Gaga explained that her album is about growing personal connections with fans: "I wanted to write songs that would speak to a woman or a man who thought that they could never connect with me.

While the lyrics don't seem deep at first, I think the topic they're about is deep, and I think the simplicity of the song allows the depth of that topic and feeling to speak for itself in a deep way.

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The other person has messed up again and again, and she's not sure she can take it anymore. The reasons to leave keep building.

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When she sings, "If I had a highway, I would run for the hills," she's saying that if she saw a way out, she would leave quickly. It's not perfectly clear what she means when she sings, "If you could find a dry way, I'd forever be still," but she seems to be saying that if he could figure his life out, she wouldn't complain anymore.

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She'd be happy to be with him, but instead he's giving her "a million reasons" to not "be still" and to leave. In the chorus, she sings about trying to make sense of this relationship.

Million reasons

She says that she bows "down to pray" to ask God to "show me the way" as she tries "to make the worst seem better. In the second verse, Lady Gaga sings, "Head stuck in a cycle.

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I look off, and I stare. She says it's like "I've stopped breathing," but she's "completely aware" as she watches her life descend into chaos seemingly beyond her control.

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And while she'd love for a turn-around to happen, she's not sure she'd even be able to recognize it. The bridge is a final request for what the singer is "needin'.

Million reasons

She sings, "Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith," to show how his actions have made it hard for her to believe that he can fix things, but she claims that she needs only "one good [reason]" to stay with him. I love the simplicity of this song. Loving someone but being hurt by that person is a common theme in music and life, but I think what's beautiful about Lady Gaga's approach is that she states very clearly what it's like and doesn't embellish the sad truth or spend unnecessary time trying to make us cry.

The song's musical style reflects this as well. Lady Gaga's voice is very loud and clear in the mix, and the accompanying instruments, mainly a simple guitar and a piano combination, do little to distract from what she's saying.

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Spousal abuse or neglect are terrible issues, and I think the power of "Million Reasons" is that Lady Gaga lets those issues speak for themselves. She empathizes with her audience by being vulnerable but without being preachy, and thus I'm a fan of "Million Reasons.

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Lilly’s blog: why lady gaga is a role model for girls

Oct 7. Clifford Stumme. What does "Million Reasons" by Lady Gaga mean?

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Check out my podcast! Chorus In the chorus, she sings about trying to make sense of this relationship.

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Verse 2 In the second verse, Lady Gaga sings, "Head stuck in a cycle. Show 25 comments.

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Lady Gaga takes herself very very seriously.


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