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Disclaimer: I am a girl. I'm not sure if I'm qualified to talk about these things but this is how I feel, especially after having personally known a guy with a micropenis. I hate how people think it's okay to shit on someone for having a small dick, and how having a small dick is associated with things like being weak or a coward. Or how a man is incompetent and emasculated because of his small dick.

And I also hate how if you dislike someone or if they are behaving cowardly, it's a common joke to say "oh he must be sporting a tic tac down below!

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How do you think men who actually have small dicks must feel when they hear things like this? It's probably incredibly hurtful and pushes back lots of men from getting on the path of body acceptance. I see this sort of discourse all the time on reddit, and while it's probably just banter and not meant to be harmful -- you never know who's reading what you've written. What's even sadder to me is that tons of feminists use these sorts of slurs. Isn't there a crazy double standard going on here?

I suffer from some body insecurities of my own, and whenever I read comments that shit on my particular traits, I feel bad that somebody out there would joke about something on my body that I cannot change or prevent.

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I've put a lot of work into learning to love myself and my flaws, and yet these flippant comments still affect me. Having a small penis is not something you can prevent, it's something you're born with. And as far as I know, it's not something that directly alters a person's personality except for the fact that it often in HUGE insecurities.

Men with small dicks are people too! Stop shaming these people for something they're born with. Small dick does not automatically mean that someone is weak. Likewise, if someone is acting like a fool, it doesn't mean that they have a tiny johnson. This isn't middle school anymore, people.

Guy with below average penis reporting in! You are spot on! Unfortunately for my self confidence, I discovered porn very young I'm talking like 11 and the "examples" I saw there left me with terrible body image issues, many of which I'm still working on today 24 now. I've gotten to the point where I can joke about it, which helps, but in the back of my mind it still eats at me. I've never had a partner complain or anything, hell most were downright supportive and understanding, but it takes a while to undo years of feeling like less of a man.

I once heard someone compare it to having small breasts, which is entirely wrong. There are common and safe procedures for altering the size of breasts but no such equivalent exists for men. But I digress. Keep doing you, sister! And before we know it, all guys will feel safe and comfortable with what life gave them.

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So real! I'm so sorry you have to face all this anti small-dick talk in our world.

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It's a joke people make without realizing how much of an effect it can have on men. Congrats on your journey towards accepting your insecurities. Takes a lot of strength -- keep on keeping on!


To be fair to you, the examples you have from the pornographic industry is way skewed. Those dudes are freaks of nature with those meat hoses. No matter what size you are, it isn't fair to judge yourself based on dudes that are in an industry of objectification based purely on the size of their junk. I think thats why people compare it to breast sizes. Even with a "less than average" member, you can find ways to please your partner.

Not only do you get to get creative with your love-making; but women's vagina's are not all the same depth, and I'd bet that there's someone out there who's a good match for you. If someone truly connects with you, they truly won't care; you'll make each other happy and find ways to please one another.

The penis is not a measure of "manhood" or of who you are, a "real man" can push past his limitations and find ways around them.

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Don't despair, and fuck the haters. You seem like a good dude and I think you'll find a way to deal with your limitations. I wouldn't say this is entirely wrong.

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It's the closest approximation I, as a small chested woman, have to try and relate with. And a lot of the experiences have a common thread: feeling less like a wo man, being mocked, feeling ashamed or insecure or unattractive. Just because there are procedures now doesn't make this invalid. And others, like myself, don't consider it an option because the are often unappealing and there are serious health risks - just like with penile enlargement surgery, only those risks are more common and more pronounced.

I don't know what it's like to be a guy with a small penis any more than you know what it's like to have small breasts. I do know that neither is something people should be disdained for. But having small breasts is more similar than it is different.

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It's like comparing a moderate and a severe expression of the same disease: yes, they aren't the same in terms of treatment plan or life impact, but they are hardly unrelated or incomparable. So I won't say it's the exact same, because that would be untrue.

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I could save a mass amount of money and get a surgery which may have passable - and for men, this isn't a reasonable option at all. But I will say that you are mistaken in calling it "entirely wrong," instead of understanding that it's similar but not quite the same.

Regular porn but without the standard "magnum dong" aspect. Rather than comparing to small breasts, perhaps a more apt comparison is for a woman to have a larger clitoris or labia minora. I've heard it talked about in a very unfavorable manner that is completely unjustified. We're all different down there, there's no reason to judge. My penis is a grower, which is less than impressive when I'm not erect.

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I can't physically maintain an erection every moment that I'm naked around my partner. I've been lucky to have found several women in my life that understand this. I've never been judged and I don't judge in return. Below average here, my friends have all seen my penis, and I make jokes about it all the time, my girlfriend is very supportive etc. But you've hit the nail on the head, it sucks, I think that unfortunately it goes hand in hand with the issue that most men won't talk about how things make them feel, and the compensatory bravado that comes with it.

My girlfriend has small boobs which I LOVE and I have to keep telling her how much I love her body, but she won't accept it, just like I have trouble excepting that she doesn't care about my dong. What I wish society would communicate is that some vaginas are shorter! Anything 7 in When I was single, I enjoyed men with "small" penises.

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Also, people don't realize that it has a lot to do with connection. If I had a night where everything leading up to sex felt right, just touching the outside of my vagina was ecstasy.

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Also, society is fairly fixated on that thrusting. In reality, if the vagina hasn't been properly prepared, sex won't feel good.

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Foreplay is important, and you do not need a large penis for foreplay. Even 6" is above average. I wonder what your definition of "small" is.

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He's Asian so he gets a lot of small penis jokes directed at him especially by our former roommate who is no longer our friend and my boyfriend and I would just awkwardly look at one another and not know what to say. At one point the asshole said to me at a party "well you're not denying it so it must be true.

That shut him up.

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