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Done right, establishing a relationship with partners or investors can enrich your company with material resources and talented, effective human capital. Make the wrong choices, however, and the problems that result could be serious, even fatal, for your company. No business remains static.


In fact, these brands still create new co-branded products to this day. Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands wherein the success of one brand brings success to its partner brand, too.

How to convince a big brand to partner with you

Co-branding can be an effective way to build business, boost awareness, and break into new markets, and for a partnership to truly work, it has to be a win-win for all players in the game. There are a ton of great examples of co-branding partnerships out there. These shared values make them a perfect pairing for co-branding campaigns, especially those surrounding action sports. At the same time, Red Bull uses its experience and reputation to run and sponsor these events. Not only did Baumgartner set three world records that day, but he also embodied the value of reimagining human potential that define both GoPro and Red Bull.

One of the biggest benefits of co-branding campaigns is the opportunity to expose your product or service to a brand new audience.

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Source: Pottery Barn. Enter West Elm, a high-end furniture company. Casper and West Elm partnered so shoppers could try out the comfy mattress before purchasing — and so West Elm could advertise its chic bedroom furniture. This is another example of a mutually beneficial co-branding partnership. It also provides shoppers with options — to try a mattress before buying, or to feel what it would be like sleeping in a bed frame.

Pepper brand. The result? But if you think about it, they have a few important things in common. They both value luxury.

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These shared values are exactly why this co-branding campaign makes so much sense. A price like that kind of makes that luggage set seem like a drop in the bucket. This is a pure expression of the art of travel. This smart co-branding partnership helps fans of Uber and Spotify alike enjoy better experiences thanks to the app. And they might be more interested in picking Uber and Spotify over competitors knowing they can enjoy their next ride listening to their favorite tunes. When Apple released the Apple Pay app, the brand effectively changed how people perform transactions.

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But in order for this app to succeed, it needs credit card companies to integrate with this technology. To get out ahead of its competition, MasterCard became Seeking a tie up partner first credit card company to allow its users to store their credit and debit cards on Apple Pay. MasterCard not only showed support of a major consumer tech developer in this partnership — it evolved along with its own customers in how they choose to make purchases at the counter.

But its newest partner, Flipboard, might not have been on your radar until now. Well, Airbnb recently teamed up with Flipboard to create Experiences, which serve Airbnb users with lifestyle content tailored to their interests and shared by people with similar interests as the reader. The ongoing campaign recently led to another co-created product called Trips, which allows Airbnb users to connect with hosts on common interests and actually book these experiences when traveling.

This partnership is an impressive example of how businesses can connect their customers with information that caters to their individual interests and drive usage of the product as a result. Some co-branding campaigns are more complicated than others. The article ends with a CTA advertising that the kittens featured in the video are, in fact, adoptable — a win-win for both partners.

See what I mean? But that discrepancy in pricing is exactly why the two brands decided to partner with one another. In the past, the space-age action movies were almost exclusively advertised and targeted toward men and boys.

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This co-branding partnership was a win for both brand. The retailer sold kid-friendly fitness trackers encouraging the wearer to complete various fitness activities, which ultimately helped deliver food packets to underprivileged children around the world.

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By the way, you can get your child a Kid Power band here. Athletic brand Nike and technology giant Apple have been working together since the early swhen the first line of iPods was released. Tracking transmitters can be built into shoes, armbands, and even basketballs to measure time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. : info up-rev. All rights reserved. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Services before gaining professional experience in administrative, financial, and customer service positions.

She also reduced employee turnover through effective management and interpersonal skills and developed and implemented new procedures for increased efficiency. Her combined five years of experience in office management, human resources, and bookkeeping, as well as over eight years of experience in customer service practices, makes Julie a vital asset to our team.

In the future, Julie hopes to start a non-profit for assisting coming-of-age youth in foster care who are transitioning out of the system. The end goal would be to prevent homelessness by providing counseling, housing, education, and employment resources. Her professional experience involved working with small to medium-sized businesses to help develop talent strategies that would take them into the future. Throughout her 16 years of experience, Ann is grateful for the privilege of using her education, experience, and insight to help individuals, teams, and companies go from good to great and great to greater.

In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband, kids, and grandkids.

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Elin Svensson is the Controller at Up-Rev. She also loves CrossFit, playing and coaching soccer, running, and spending time with her Mini Dachshund. He has a deep understanding of HDL coding, software-defined radios, analog RF, analog small al, and analog large al.

Further, Chris has a special interest in prototyping and debugging. Chris hopes to work more on 5G radios and creating reference des at Up-Rev. CPT certified, John has two years of experience in the industry.

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Through excellent organization and time management skills, John is an expert at helping our team of engineers finish and deliver large projects on time. Outside of work, John loves to travel around the county. He also enjoys going to local spots with Seeking a tie up partner and participating in outdoor activities, including various sports, hiking, biking, and going to the beach.

Her extensive industry knowledge allows her to build and manage high-performing sales teams with ease. Prior to earning his Bachelor of Science in Software Development from Western Governors University, Jason started his career as a self-taught embedded software developer in His nine years of experience first began with a startup in Boulder, Colorado, creating prototypes for new products using embedded software and hardware de. While employed there, he also did CAD de for a robotic startup in the area. On top of his work, Jason ran the company kickball team for a season. He also enjoys doing embedded software development, fishing, woodworking, metalworking, and playing games like poker and chess in his free time.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida before spending six years as a defense contractor. In her spare time, Katie loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys going to the beach. Cindy Campbell is the Bookkeeper at Up-Rev. This involved coordination with contractors, buyers, attorneys, banks, and HOA. She also enjoys participating in dog agility competitions with her Miniature American Shepherd.

Mark specializes in software architecture, de, and problem-solving. Her plus years of experience can be seen through multiple job titles, including Field Sales, Business Development, Manager, and Distribution Manager. While Diane has closed large sales and managed multi-million-dollar s, her most ificant accomplishment over the course of her career is achieving a stellar reputation in the industry as a tenacious advocate for her customer and company. She also has a passion for travel and spent the past few years learning the luxury travel industry. Further, Diane enjoys golfing, photography, reading, writing, and spending time at the beach.

Alexander then moved up the ranks holding the titles Associate Engineer and Project Manager prior to becoming the Director of Programs.

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In his free time, Alexander is a part of PMI and loves spending time with his friends and family, whether that be going to a sporting event or concert. He specializes in machine learning, environmental sensing, remote data acquisition systems, embedded systems architecture, digital al processing, LED lighting de, electronic de, computer vision, and building automation and lighting systems.

On top of this, Eric enjoys working with autonomous underwater sensor system de, developing algorithms using high-level mathematics, image processing, and troubleshooting embedded systems. As he continues his work, Eric hopes to explore underwater robotics and the application of blockchain technologies.

Prior to ing Up-Rev, Eric specialized in ocean engineering and was an oceanography professor for eight years. Kevin Eckstein is an engineer at Up-Rev. His expertise lies in analog and power de as well as troubleshooting analog, digital, RF, and power. Kevin is also an excellent communicator, problem-solver, and teacher.

In the future, Kevin hopes to work on products in the aerospace, biomedical, and industrial fields at Up-Rev. Larry specializes in printed circuit de and configuration management as well as CAD library setup, maintenance, and management. As his career continues at Up-Rev, Larry is interested in working with rigid-flex des and wearable products. He is expertly skilled in digital de, FPGA development, railway products, safety de in SIL4, new technology concepts, and consumer electronics. Two markets Michael would like to work in at Up-Rev are the automotive and medical fields.

While his expertise lies in schematic capture and troubleshooting, Richard is also skilled in PCB layout, circuit analysis, and document control. In the future, Richard hopes to work on Seeking a tie up partner in the space, solar energy, and electric motor fields. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology before gaining ten years of professional experience in the industry.

Prior to working at UpRev, his career primarily focused on creating DoD al intelligence applications for geolocation products. This included a mix of software development for both embedded, PC, and mobile applications. He then moved into program management eight years later before coming to Up-Rev as a business owner in

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