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What eventually broke the thing open was that he gave an interview, and he was quoted as saying that Judaism is a horrible religion that ought not to exist. It looked very bad. You have old photographs where you see the scholars sitting there with their cigarettes, with their sandwiches, with tape. Because single life is a great garbage fire and the dating arena is just as unforgiving. Every two fragments that they thought matched, they taped. And every so many fragments that they thought belonged to the same manuscript, they put in between two glass plates.

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And thus, they created over 1, glass plates. Premiered November 6, Jamal, a year-old gay man who has lived in Popular gay dating site in Hamah Syria since with his siblings, told Human Rights Watch that after his brothers discovered his sexual orientation, they physically abused him:. NARRATOR: While only about a quarter popular gay dating site in Hamah Syria the original Qumran scrolls match books found in our modern bible, nearly all of the fragments sold to collectors in recent years contain biblical text.

I wanted to go to the hospital, but they did not let me in.

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According to reliable witnesses, authorities continued to hold a of children to compel parents and other relatives associated with opposition fighters to surrender to authorities. Many Canadians think that they should be wary of Syrians because they are untrustworthy. NGOs and media outlets documented repeated and ongoing attacks on health facilities and other civilian infrastructure in northwest Syria perpetrated by the Syrian regime and Russian forces.

NGOs and activists, such as Yazda and the Free Yezidi Foundation, reported that while more than 3, Yezidi women and children have since escaped, been liberated in SDF military operations, or been released from captivity, close to 3, remained uned.

To Humanitarian Organizations and Service Providers in Lebanon Provide comprehensive and confidential mental health and psychosocial support to female and male survivors of sexual violence, especially addressing long-term effects. And that forms the geometric back plate for. Observers did not consider the elections free or fair. The residues of the tape penetrate the parchment and papyrus, and cause their Sex dating in Aleppo.

Now, of course, they did not mean to cause damage to the scrolls; everyone realized their importance. But, along the way, a lot of damage was caused, more damage in these last 70 years than in the 2, in which they were in the caves. First of all, they were hidden in caves, okay?

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For 2, years, they were lying in caves. But they were preserved, because they were in the dark. NARRATOR: Today, the scrolls are only displayed in darkened galleries, and of the thousands of pieces in storage, only a handful are shown at any time. After three months, we have to take them out from display to bring them back to the safe room to give it a chance to recover. And we then let them rest for five years. Okay, you see they spread them along these long trestle tables. Sex dating in Aleppo, this is one of the thousand-two-hundred-something glass plates. So, what you can see here is the damage that the original tape caused.

Residues penetrate the parchment and cause its disintegration. Because everything is so gelatinized that we are afraid that if we open the glass plates, it will just simply disintegrate in our hands. Therefore, we are waiting to see if we can find better ways of opening this without causing any damage. You really need to understand this material and to know it in order to be able to try and treat it. But conservators are using a new set of tools to bring the scrolls back to life.

This camera system, deed by NASA engineers, images each fragment in 12 wavelengths, including infrared, a region of the spectrum invisible to the naked eye. And so you get all the surface of the scrolls, both for preservation measures and for scholarship. And so, slowly and slowly, the humidity also affected the edges of this scroll, and a few lines and the edges became gelatinized.

Back at the Museum of the Bible, Kipp Davis is also relying on powerful imaging.

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He wants to uncover whether fragments that have recently reached the market are fake. And they look kind of cool and fairly random in shape. They look like these great big crystals from a distant planet or something, right? One of the fragments that we examined in Norway was really intriguing, because it appears that somebody had attempted Sex dating in Aleppo mimic this on the fragment but used table salt, which has a different chemical composition and appears much different underneath the microscope. When we examined the fragment under, under the microscope, it revealed a very even distribution of salt right across it.

Like someone had taken a salt shaker…This really was a smoking gun moment in the case of this particular fragment, that it could not have been produced in antiquity, when there was no table salt. KIPP DAVIS: We saw ink, not just lying underneath the particles of salt, but at high magnification, you can see ink has been applied right over top of some of the individual salt kernels. Ink is put on top of a table-salted fragment is an indication that this was produced after the invention of table salt.

They can take ancient scroll fragments and they can write on them. And no one dreamt that they were forged.

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And the Bedouin themselves, you know, brought them to, to the archeologists because they realized they were worth a lot of money. During excavations, inarcheologists found these charred pieces where the Torah platform once stood.

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Believed to be the burned remnants of ancient scrolls, they sat in a closet at the Antiquities Authority for nearly half a century, until…. You can navigate to the Settings menu within Jack'd and select "Contact Jack'd Support", or submit a ticket to our support team by visiting jackdapp. You literally cannot block other users unless you pay them. Getting harassed? Your app is full of dark patterns and transparently desperate for subscription revenue, why else would you add a thousand speed bumps and impediments to using your app if not? Screenshots iPad iPhone.

Naila said that plain-clothed men broke into her house in Homs and saw pro-opposition newspapers, magazines, and s she had used during protests, as well as articles about gender identity that she brought from Beirut.

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As before, non-uniformed men entered her home and apprehended her. Naila said that then she was taken to an individual cell where she was raped by other prisoners, guards, and people she thought were high-ranking officials. Naila said:.

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Some survivors Human Rights Watch interviewed served in the Syrian army after the uprising started in Some interviewees had friends who had served in the army and were, they believed, raped because they were gay, bisexual, or transgender. Some fled the country because they were called to the army for the first time or were called to serve again as a reservist.

Interviewees told Human Rights Watch that GBT people were subjected to sexual violence in the army and military prisons because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Interviewees said this was common knowledge and that most GBT people fled the country due the fear of ing the army. Interviewees said that they or their friends who served in the army were taken to Tadmur Prison and Palestine Branch because they were GBT.

Toufiq, a year-old queer survivor, fled the army after one month of service and came to Lebanon in November Their family had forced them to the military after discovering their relationship with another man. Halim, a year-old gay man, served in the Syrian army from to Fellow soldiers assaulted and raped him during that period, because of his sexual orientation.

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Halim said:. Human Rights Watch documented one case of rape that occurred at a checkpoint in Damascus. Rima, a year-old non-binary survivor, explained how a soldier at the checkpoint apprehended and detained her inwhen she was []. In Syrian detention centers, sexual abuse to male genitalia by security personnel, including beatings and electric shock, has been documented as one of the common ways of torturing men and boys.

Five survivors told Human Rights Watch that they were subjected to beatings and electric shock on their genitals. Nur, a year-old gay survivor who uses female pronouns said that she was stopped at a checkpoint in Daraa, in for being late for her military service and was taken to the Palestine Branch. She said that the beatings she received increased drastically once her sexual orientation was discovered. Nur explained:. Interviewees told Human Rights Watch that in Syrian detention centers, security forces would Sex dating in Aleppo detainees, regardless of their sexual orientation, to take off their clothes, leaving them only in their underwear or totally nude.

Human Rights Watch documented five cases of strip searches that amount to sexual violence, forced nudity in crowded rooms in detention centers, and forced nudity in front of other soldiers in the army. Ghada, a year-old transgender woman detained in in Damascus for three months, told Human Rights Watch that the detainees in the Palestine Branch were forced to strip down to their underwear in a room with hundreds of people.

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Ghada said:. At the time, Halim was serving in the army. Some GBT survivors said that officers in the Sednaya military prison forced those detained because of their sexual orientation and gender identity to stand naked in the middle of the soldiers so that they could humiliate them and spit on them. Sabah explained how Syrian security forces treated detainees they had identified as gay or trans:. Ghada told Human Rights Watch that she was sexually abused during her detention in Palestine Branch in She said that, upon arrival at the prison, detainees are taken for questioning before being brought to another room where they are stripped and body-searched.

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She described how a male officer searched her:. Five interviewees said that officers would threaten to rape their mothers or sisters during interrogations at detention centers and civil prisons or during stops at checkpoints. For example, Nabih, a year-old heterosexual man, was threatened with the rape of his sister and mother when he was arrested by the Criminal Security branch of the Syrian Army in in Homs.

Jamal described what happened when the group returned to check on their house in Hama after having been displaced by the war:. Intelligence officers threatened Yousef, a year-old gay man, during interrogation, with the rape of his mother and sister. Interviewees told Human Rights Watch that the Syrian Security forces also threatened to rape the interviewees themselves. Jordan, a year-old gay man, said:.

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GBT survivors said that verbal harassment based on their sexual orientation or gender identity terrified them because being identified as queer, in particular by security forces at checkpoints, could escalate into physical and sexual violence, arrest and detention.

Three interviewees told Human Rights Watch that, at checkpoints, security forces would ask for their phone s and addresses of GBT individuals. Description: The Association for the Needs of Gay and Lesbian Students ANGLS is a group of people organized to promote the interests and civil liberties of homosexual, bisexual and trans-gender students and staff on campus and in the surrounding community.

Membership in the group does not indicate an alternative lifestyle; just an open mind. Loading video data Our goal has always been to provide for the spiritual enhancement and development of the GLBT community. Our primary goal is to foster an environment where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can speak openly about their concerns and help partake in the stand for equality for the LGBT community.

Description: The mission of the QSA is to foster leadership within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Description: Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce not-for-profit business organization promoting networking, education, and support for gay and gay-friendly businesses and professionals, thereby contributing to the advocacy of the gay community. We welcome everyone from those who like to walk, to beginning runners that are just starting out to experienced runners training for their next race.

Description: The Austin Roundup is a non-profit organization committed to providing an annual conference where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of AA and Al-Anon can participate in a wide range of workshops, listen to speakers, and enjoy social events which focus on a lifestyle of recovery.

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Prostitution in Syria is technically illegal.